TechCrunch Covers Sagetap in Deal Dive

Sagetap looks to bring enterprise software sales into the 21st century

TechCrunch Covers Sagetap in Deal Dive

We're excited to share that Sagetap, led by founders Sahil Khanna and Kevin Hughes, has been featured in TechCrunch for its innovative, buyer-led approach to enterprise software sales!

The Deal Dive article highlights the platform's AI-powered marketplace and how it streamlines connections between buyers and vetted software vendors, helping buyers discover next-gen products while ensuring privacy and minimizing spam.

Here is one of the top excerpts from the article:

"Since the AI renaissance really started swelling back in 2022, numerous companies have aimed to improve the enterprise software sales process with AI.

But a lot of them have focused on the seller and aren’t offering a new model, but rather just automating an aspect of the existing one, whether that be using generative AI to craft sales pitch emails or using the tech to better source sales prospects.

What Sagetap is doing actually looks and feels materially different."

You can read the entire article here.


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