Gopuff's Ravi Nori

"Sagetap organizes the vendor discovery process for me. We've POC'ed three products so far."

Gopuff's Ravi Nori

In this Sage Spotlight, Ravi Nori, Senior Director of Cloud and Application Security at GoPuff, shares his experience with the challenges of navigating vendor selection amidst a flood of solicitations. His insights reveal how Sagetap facilitates a targeted approach to vendor engagement, highlighting successful collaborations and the exploration of new technologies that align with GoPuff's needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Ravi's Role and Challenges: As Senior Director of Cloud and Application Security at GoPuff, Ravi faces the daunting task of filtering through countless solicitations to find relevant technology solutions, emphasizing the importance of efficiency and relevance in the selection process.
  • Sagetap's Organized Approach: Sagetap offers an organized platform that allows Ravi to quickly identify and engage with technologies that are pertinent to GoPuff's needs, enabling him to decline what's not applicable and focus on potential matches.
  • Successful Vendor Collaborations: Ravi highlights successful introductions to vendors such as Flare, a threat intelligence platform that complements their existing solutions, and Traceable, an API security company that addresses specific use cases like API discovery in an agentless manner.
  • Appreciation for Sagetap: Through Sagetap, Ravi has not only found valuable additions to GoPuff's security technology stack but has also gained insights and opportunities that would be difficult to access through traditional sales channels, showcasing a high appreciation for the platform and its team.
  • Continuous Learning and Exploration: Despite not adopting every technology, Ravi values the learning experience and exposure to new and emerging solutions facilitated by Sagetap, emphasizing the platform's role in expanding his knowledge and options in the tech landscape.


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