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Connect directly with our growing community of 1000+ highly-qualified buyers & end-users of the latest enterprise software solutions.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Data Management & Analytics

Core Services

Sales Meeting Simulations

Sales Pitch - Messaging & Positioning - Pricing

We cultivate a non-sales environment so you can battle-test your first impression. Pitch to your exact end-user and buyer personas to gather unfiltered feedback straight from the source.

Market Research

Market Intelligence - Buyer & End-User Analysis

We ensure you have a direct line of communication to expert end-users of the latest enterprise solutions. Our methodology guarantees predictable access to experts that match your exact specifications.

Product Strategy

Roadmap - Technical Demonstration - Concept Validation

We bridge the gap between product leadership and non-customers. Sagetap gives you the ability to continuously align your product to evolving buyer pain points at speed and scale.

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