Paychex's CISO Bradley Schaufenbuel

"Sagetap connects me with vendors I might never have encountered on my own, without being bombarded by sales folks."

Paychex's CISO Bradley Schaufenbuel

In this enlightening Sage Spotlight, we're joined by Bradley Chaufenbuel, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Paychex. Bradley shares his invaluable experiences with Sagetap, emphasizing how the platform has significantly influenced both his professional journey and the cybersecurity posture of Paychex.

Key Takeaways

  • Bradley's Role and Use of Sagetap: As the CISO of Paychex, Bradley leverages Sagetap to connect with groundbreaking cybersecurity solution providers, enhancing the organization's security infrastructure. Sagetap's platform allows him to give candid feedback and selectively pursue dialogues with vendors, avoiding the usual sales intrusions.
  • Impact of Sagetap on Paychex: Sagetap has been instrumental in bringing Paychex into contact with novel cybersecurity solutions, facilitating a more fortified and efficient security framework within the company.
  • Sagetap's Unique Value: Bradley appreciates Sagetap for its ability to streamline the process of discovering and connecting with tailored cybersecurity solutions, enhancing Paychex’s ability to protect against evolving threats without the common hassle of vendor bombardment.
  • Advancements in Cybersecurity through Collaboration: The collaboration with solution providers like Prelude and Treble exemplifies how Sagetap fosters meaningful partnerships that drive significant advancements in cybersecurity measures and strategies for enterprises like Paychex.


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