See how the founders of OwnID are leading the password-less revolution.


OwnID is leading the push toward more secure and user-friendly authentication methods, driven by the vision of its founders, Dor Shany (CEO) and Rooly Eliezerov (CPO).

The story behind the creation of OwnID isn’t just a tale of innovation but a commitment to improving both online security and the overall user experience.

Dor Shany and Rooly Eliezerov, having previously cofounded and sold the leading CIAM platform Gigya to SAP in 2017, encountered firsthand the limitations and frustrations associated with traditional password-based authentication systems.

Their experience laid the foundation for OwnID, born in 2021 to address the glaring security vulnerabilities and cumbersome nature of passwords that plague both enterprises and users.

What sets OwnID apart is its industry-first platform that facilitates seamless integration of Face/Touch ID authentication across consumer websites and apps.

By offering an add-on layer compatible with existing tech stacks, OwnID simplifies the transition towards a passkey future, requiring minimal development effort:

  • Biometric Authentication: Leveraging the simplicity and security of passkeys (Face/Touch ID).
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates with existing tech stacks and augments existing authentication flows (without storing or processing data).
  • Universal Compatibility: Addresses 100% of user, device, and use case scenarios.
  • Improved Experience: Increases logins by 30% with a 50% decline in support tickets.

Their innovative approach has resulted in esteemed enterprise customers such as the NFL, Carnival, Johnson & Johnson, and Nestle, positioning OwnID as a frontrunner in redefining user authentication.

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