Netacea is designed to detect and stop bot attacks at scale across web, mobile, and API in an agentless way.


Netacea's journey to become a leader in cybersecurity is a story of innovation and determination. Founders Jeremy Gidlow and Andy Still originally met in a bar where Jeremy recruited Andy to launch a consultancy focused on helping people improve the performance of their web applications.

It was during this time that Jeremy and Andy noticed a significant gap in effective bot protection for their clients. After working with nearly every product on the market, they decided to solve the problem themselves.

The founding vision was clear: To develop agentless bot protection that is effective and efficient for enterprise brands. To do so, Jeremy, Andy, and team spent four years of dedicated data science development to create Netacea.

Netacea is designed to detect and stop bot attacks at scale across web, mobile, and API in an agentless way. Operating at the edge, Netacea's bot protection offers several unique advantages:

  • Exceptional Threat Detection: Outperforming conventional solutions, Netacea spots up to 33 times more threats, earning the top spot in Forrester's bot detection ranking.
  • Invisible to Attackers: Netacea's design makes it difficult to bypass and expensive for attackers to target.
  • Comprehensive Protection: A single integration protects websites, applications, and APIs.
  • Agentless and Edge-Operated: Offers a hassle-free implementation with wider visibility.

Netacea's approach has them ranked #1 by Forrester for bot detection, recognizing the technology for its unparalleled ability to identify threats. Andy Still and Jeremy Gidlow's vision and determination have positioned Netacea as a leader in bot protection, exemplifying the innovation and efficiency that modern enterprises need in the face of evolving bot threats.

For more insight into Netacea's approach to bot protection, watch the founders' story in the video below or connect with the team on Sagetap.


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