Microsoft's Principal Architect Malek Khazen

"Sagetap tells me exactly which vendors I should meet for my pain points at Microsoft, saving me a tremendous amount of time."

Microsoft's Principal Architect Malek Khazen

In this Sage Spotlight, we sit down with Malek Khazen, Principal AI and IT Architect at Microsoft. Malek delves into his multifaceted role, which spans data analytics, AI, large language models, generative AI, governance, and security. He shares his experience with Sagetap, highlighting how it streamlines the discovery and evaluation process of new vendors, making it a critical tool in his arsenal for staying ahead in the fast-evolving tech landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Malek's Role at Microsoft: His responsibilities encompass a wide range of areas, including data analytics, AI, large language models, generative AI, governance, and security.
  • Discovering New Vendors: Malek emphasizes the efficiency of Sagetap in discovering new vendors, saving him a significant amount of time by providing a consolidated view of emerging solutions and major players in his areas of interest.
  • Strategic Vendor Evaluation: Through Sagetap, Malek can quickly identify potential vendors for internal use or partnership opportunities at Microsoft, facilitating a strategic approach to vendor evaluation and selection.
  • Impactful Solutions: Malek shares insights on utilizing Sagetap to find solutions that address performance issues with SQL, Oracle, and other databases by introducing more powerful storage solutions to handle the ever-increasing data volumes and database sizes.
  • Efficiency and Productivity Boost: Sagetap's platform has been instrumental for Malek in making informed decisions efficiently, allowing him to focus on adopting technologies that offer the most significant impact for Microsoft's infrastructure and partnerships.
  • Vendor Highlight: Malek notes the effectiveness of certain vendors discovered through Sagetap that have helped enhance Microsoft's database storage capabilities, reflecting the platform's ability to connect users with highly relevant and impactful tech solutions.


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