Material Security

Born amidst the tumultuous 2016 US election cycle. Material is designed with Security & Risk Management teams in mind, offering a unified suite of tools.

Material Security

The journey of former Dropbox engineers Abhishek Agrawal, Ryan Noon, and Chris Park to founding Material Security is a testament to the power of visionary thinking in the face of growing cyber threats. The idea for Material Security was born amidst the tumultuous 2016 US election cycle, marked by high-profile email attacks. The founders recognized that while existing security measures could block attacks from entering inboxes, they did little to protect the vast amounts of sensitive content already within them. This realization sparked the inception of Material Security, aimed at safeguarding crucial data accessible via email. The goal was to secure the cloud office, understanding that productivity suites like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace are the lifeblood of modern enterprises.

Material is designed with Security & Risk Management teams in mind, offering a unified suite of tools for email security, data loss prevention, posture management, and user behavior analytics. What sets Material apart is its platform-level approach, moving away from traditional perimeter-based solutions for a more holistic, in-depth defense strategy. Key highlights of material security include:

  • A comprehensive suite addressing the depth of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
  • Holistic security approach, focusing on advanced attack interception and sensitive data risk reduction.
  • Innovative platform-level solutions surpassing traditional traffic inspection methods.

Under the leadership of CEO Abhishek Agrawal, Material Security has grown rapidly, gaining trust across various sectors. Their impact is significant, helping companies of all sizes fortify their productivity suites against sophisticated attacks and potential data breaches.

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