Impart Security

Learn the founding story behind Impart Security and its next-generation runtime API security approach.

Impart Security

Impart Security stands out in the saturated and often misunderstood API security market with a next-generation runtime API security approach.

Founded in 2020 by CDN and WAF industry veterans Jonathan DiVincenzo, Marc Harrison, and Brian Joe, Impart Security was born from a vision to combine next-generation runtime protection with a complete understanding of API risk.

Their journey began after Fastly, a leading cloud services provider, acquired their previous company, Signal Sciences. There, the co-founders saw first-hand the limits of WAF protection for APIs.

These limits led them to develop Impart Security, an API-first runtime protection platform that gives modern security teams total control over their APIs with the following transformative features:

Next-generation runtime protection: Create, manage, and maintain a winning security posture thanks to Impart’s API Firewall.

Impart’s API Firewall can automatically prevent malicious API behavior with enforcement operations such as rate limiting, blocking, request decoration, redirects, and more based upon any combination of API endpoint, parameter, or consumer behavior.

API-first understanding: Create tailored security policies that work, instead of ineffective one-size-fits-all policies, by generating a complete catalog of all API endpoints, hosts, and risk insights across all environments and utilizing this catalog natively within any part of the Impart platform at runtime.

Complete security control: Empower security teams with ultimate API control with Impart’s first-class developer experience powered by Web Assembly (WASM)-based rules and Directed Acrylic Graphs (DAG)-based rule dependencies.

Also available is a fully featured rule Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which includes rule testing, rule lifecycle management, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) integrations.

Integrated LLMs: Improve quality of life using Impart’s private AI models to explain and create new rules, optimize existing workflows, and provide valuable insights.

Learn how Impart Security’s integrated runtime API security platform can empower security teams with complete control of their APIs. Connect with them on Sagetap today, or check out the founder video below for additional background information:



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