Covetrus CIO Steve Crowley

"Sagetap allows me to control the dialogue with vendors and quickly gather the information I need to make a decision."

Covetrus CIO Steve Crowley

In our recent Sage Spotlight, Steve Crowley, CIO for the Global Technology Solutions business at Covetrus, delves into the challenges and strategies of identifying and integrating third-party technology solutions. Steve discusses their method of bypassing vendor "propaganda" to focus on direct use-case solutions and how Sagetap has revolutionized their vendor discovery and due diligence process.

Key Takeaways

  • Steve's Approach to Vendor Discovery: Covetrus emphasizes identifying specific use cases and then seeking out solutions that address these cases directly, avoiding unsolicited vendor outreach and focusing on due diligence.
  • Transition to Effective Discovery: Previously reliant on extensive internet searches for solution discovery, Sagetap now facilitates a more targeted and efficient approach, allowing them to engage with vendors of interest without feeling pressured.
  • Cutting Through Cybersecurity Noise: The vast number of cybersecurity companies creates a challenging environment for identifying valuable solutions. Sagetap aids Covetrus in navigating this landscape by focusing on point solutions that align with their needs.
  • Notable Vendor Discoveries: Steve highlights two impressive vendors identified through Sagetap: Ort, for its robust defense of data lakes, and Prelude, which optimizes investments in cybersecurity tools like Crowdstrike by verifying their effectiveness.
  • Validation and Optimization: Prelude stands out for its ability to cut through the "noise" and validate the effectiveness of deployed security solutions, offering a much-needed assurance of security measures’ effectiveness.


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