Commonplace's Benjy Meyer

"With Sagetap, I can help vendors create and validate new markets."

Commonplace's Benjy Meyer

In our latest Sage spotlight, Benjy Meyer, CPTO at Commonplace, shares his experiences with vendor discovery and discusses how Sagetap helps him match and meet top-tier vendors based on his key initiatives:

Key Takeaways

  • Benjy Meyer is the CPTO at Commonplace, a B2B2C platform built environment professionals use to consult and engage communities in making better places.
  • Benjy underscores the importance of personal learning in understanding emerging risks and opportunities and finds value in learning about things he didn’t know he needed to worry about.
  • He finds Sagetap useful for solving specific problems, continuous learning, and helping vendors create and validate new markets.
  • Two of the top vendors Benjy discovered on Sagetap based on his top initiatives are SingleStore and Descope.


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