Shaping the future of technology discovery

We are a diverse group of people from a wide-range of backgrounds who are determined to reinvent the discovery of B2B SaaS.

Meet the team at Sagetap

What we believe

Software discovery is broken. Tech buyers are inundated with cold outreach from vendors, while tech startups building truly innovative solutions that solve real problems struggle to get the market awareness they deserve. We are building the first online platform that helps tech buyers anonymously discover & meet with B2B SaaS startups solving their biggest problems.

We believe tech buyers need to be in the driver's seat, where they aren't being sold to unless they want to be sold to. We believe that a tech startup's market awareness shouldn't be tied to their marketing budgets, but their product-market-fit.

We put our values in action

To accomplish our mission, we commit to these behaviors that bring our values to life and hold us accountable to each other — allowing us all to create meaningful impact and be at our best.

Be all in

We have big aspirations; you have the conviction and commitment to help achieve them. Do the dirty work required to be successful, treat every problem like it is yours.

Progress Over Perfection

Fight complacency and forget about perfection - strive to continuously improve everything we do.

Embrace Urgency

Today is always better than tomorrow. Be more afraid of missing opportunities than of making mistakes from moving too fast.

Be Bold

Ask questions, challenge consensus, and don’t be afraid to try things.

Our investors

We are fortunate to work with some of the best advisors and investors in the world. There’s a good chance you’re already using the products they’ve helped create.

Ankur Jain
Ankur Jain
Ankur is a Founding Partner at Emergent Ventures. Prior to Emergent, Ankur has been a venture investor across US, India, and Israel at Nexus Venture Partners and Blumberg Capital. Before entering Venture Capital, Ankur led product teams at Andiamo Systems and later Cisco which acquired Andiamo in 2004.
James Currier
James Currier
James is a 5-time founder, an angel investor in DoorDash, Lyft, and Patreon, and a founding partner at NFX. As a founder, James has realized the power of network effects as the core growth driver of successes across every vertical.
Salil Deshpande
Salil Deshpande
Salil founded Uncorrelated Ventures in 2019 with a focus on open-source and infrastructure software. The firm has more than $700 million invested across three funds and 100+ companies, a dozen-and-a-half of which are unicorns.