Expert Consultation Guide

Sagetap consultations consist of 60-min phone calls between technology experts and our clients. Sagetap clients range from Enterprise IT organizations to Software Vendors to Investors, looking to tap into your expertise around product functionality, use cases, differentiators, best practices, and much more.

Purpose of Sagetap Consultations

Clients leverage Sagetap Consultations to gather unbiased perspectives into ​emerging technologies from people who live and breathe them everyday. Typical areas of focus include product strengths & weaknesses, unique differentiation, best practices, required skill-sets, time-to-value, cost-of-ownership, and business value

The purpose it NOT to gather information that is confidential to an expert's organization. This is strictly forbidden.

General Best Practices

  • Join each call a few minutes early to ensure your audio connection is strong.

  • Be consultative with the client and share your knowledge - you are the expert!

  • Be clear, direct, and concise with your answers. Confirm that each of your answers sufficiently addressed the client's question (e.g., Did that answer your question?)

  • Use specific examples whenever possible, as opposed to generic statements.

  • Be respectful of the client's time and agenda for each call and do your best to make each interaction as valuable as possible.

  • Do not disclose of any information that may be confidential to your employer or their agreement with any technology vendors (more guidance on confidentiality below).

Conversation Structure

Once all parties join the call, a Sagetap representative will greet all attendees and then ask the expert to briefly introduce themselves. This is an opportunity to take 60 seconds to share your background, role at your current company, and involvement with the particular technology of interest. 

The call is then handed over the client to lead with questions.


What is Confidential Information? 

“Confidential Information” is any nonpublic information that one is not entitled to share. While an expert may have access to confidential information, this information should not be disclosed to others without consent from the information’s owner.  

How Do I Know if Information Is Confidential?

While only you know the specific information you are prohibited from discussing, Sagetap has adopted rules to help Experts avoid breaching any confidentiality obligations and potential conflicts of interest. We have put these rules in place to protect Experts and Clients alike. Under Sagetap’s rules – which are in addition to any obligations you owe to others – the following types of information must never be discussed.

1. Information that you agreed (orally or in writing) not to discuss or were told with an expectation that you keep it confidential.


2. Information about an experts current employer performance, plans or any other information their employer would not want them to discuss. They are not authorized to speak on behalf of their employer through Sagetap and must honor their obligations to their employer at all times.

3. Sensitive information about any company that has not been publicly disclosed or reported, such as:

  • revenues, profits, losses, and other financial information

  • earnings information or projections

  • mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, IPOs, or changes in assets

  • new product development and announcements

  • developments, including gain or loss, regarding significant customers or suppliers

  • changes in control or management

  • corporate strategy or plans

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