1. Overview of Our Services

At Sagetap (also referred herein as “​we​” or “​us​” or “​our​”), our Customers can only use our Expert Network Consultancy Services (“​Services​”) when they purchase any of our Licenses. There are no restrictions to who may purchase our Licenses. Customers are free to purchase Licenses for their company, team or organization’s use as well as make the purchase on behalf of their Affiliates (also a “​Customer​”). Should a Customer desire to use our Services under any License they purchased, Sagetap will measure the access level in proportion to the number of Credits (as defined in section 2 below) the Customer has under the period of the License. Customer’s use of our Services shall be governed by the terms and conditions set forth in this “License Framework” section, the Order Form issued for the License, and the additional Standard Terms and Conditions of Service document outlined further below.

2. Definition of Terms

For the purpose of this document, the following definitions shall apply. They are listed in the order of appearance:

  • “​Customer​” refers to anyone who desires to use or uses our Services;

  • “​Services​” refers to the activities provided by us to Customers;

  • “​Customer’s Affiliates​” refers to any other company or group connected/working

    with a Customer;

  • “​Advisor​” refers to a professional in Expert Network who may be offered or

    matched to you by Sagetap;

  • “​Beneficiaries​” refers to any of Customer’s employees who by authority from the

    Customer is entitled to use the License;

  • “​License Duration​” refers to the period of the License. It is determined by the

    number of Credits and the time set for the License to elapse;

  • “​Call​” refers to an interaction/discussion between a Customer and an Advisor

    through the phone or other means;

  • “​Arranged Connection​” refers to a situation where a Customer is connected to an

    Advisor through Sagetap.

  • “​Direct Connection​” refers to a situation where a Customer connects to an Advisor

    directly without going through Sagetap.

3. Credits and Service Call

Credits (as mentioned in Section 1 above) is the standard measurement of the unit of

time spent by a Customer during a consultation Call to an Advisor. The Call made to an Advisor is termed an “​Advisory Call​.” For instance, an Advisory Call of 60 minutes with an Advisor is equal to 1 Credit. For other types of calls available through our Services and their respective Credits, see the attached “Schedule 1 and Schedule 2” below.

There are specific ways/medium by which a Customer can interact/connect with an Advisor. A Customer may;

  1. reach out to Sagetap through our contact details and get connected to an Advisor for an Advisory Call (“​Arranged Connection​”);

  2. contact the Advisor directly (“​Direct Connection​”) provided they have the Advisor’s contact information (This may be for a short-term or long-term relationship).

Credit is charged at $1,000 (One Thousand Dollars) as at the year 2019. Subject to future review or changes.

4. The License Period and Renewals

The License Period (defined in Section 2) ends when the Customer exhausts the Credit in the License or when the time stated in the Order Form as the License Period is reached. Unless a Customer specifies the period of a License, each License shall carry a License Period of 12 months (“​Normal License Period​”). Once a License Period has elapsed, a new License Period will start automatically unless the Customer gives prior written notice of what actions Sagetap should take once the period of the License expires.

Unless otherwise negotiated by the Customer and Sagetap, the new License Period will be governed by the terms and conditions provided in the previous License Period.

5. Order Form and Additional License Purchase

The Order Form is a document that contains detailed information on any License purchased by a Customer. There is no limit to the number of Licenses that can be purchased after first purchase. This is termed an “​Additional License Purchase.​” If a Customer wishes to make an Additional License Purchase by notifying us, we will respond by forwarding an “​Additional Order Form​” to the Customer. The Additional Order Form will document the details of the Additional License Purchase including; (i) the start date of the Additional License Purchase agreement; (ii) the Credit allowance agreed upon and the corresponding License Fee; (iii) information about who can enjoy such License (“​Beneficiaries​”); (iv) the duration of the License (“​License Period​”) if it is not the Normal License Period; and (v) other agreements established in relation to the Additional License Purchase.

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