What is Sagetap?

Sagetap is a network of cloud technology professionals, founded on the belief that the most credible information on emerging technologies and trends comes from practitioners who live and breathe those technologies every day.


What does Sagetap Do?

Sagetap streamlines research across emerging cloud trends and technologies by connecting our clients directly with unbiased practitioners for knowledge exchange.


Who are Sagetap Clients?

Sagetap works with leaders from Software Vendors, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, Management Consultancies, and more.


How does Sagetap Work?

Sagetap works with our clients to understand the nature of each project in-depth. Sagetap then builds a custom sourcing and qualification strategy, identifies relevant advisors, and then connects them with our client for knowledge-exchange.


Who are the Sagetap Advisors?

Sagetap advisors are technology practitioners and leaders within large enterprise organizations. These are practitioners who have either researched, evaluated, purchased, deployed, and/or currently use the technologies of interest on a daily basis; or leaders have led strategic initiatives supported by these technologies.


While Sagetap has 1000’s of qualified advisors in our existing network, we custom-source for each project to meet the unique needs of our customers.


What do clients use Sagetap to learn About?

Clients use Sagetap to access actionable information on emerging technologies so they can increase agility, reduce unknowns, and ensure the success of their business initiatives. Common areas of focus include technology trends, best practices, product strengths & weaknesses, evaluation criteria, deployment methodologies, ROI, and more.

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