Consultation Guide

Sagetap consultations consist of 60-min phone calls between the selected expert and whomever you wish to include on your side. These consultations are unique opportunities to learn more about product functionality, use cases, differentiators, strengths & weaknesses, customer sentiment, and much more.

General Best Practices

  • Think about what you hope to accomplish in the call ahead of time. If you have pre-determined questions/topics, feel free to share with the Sagetap team so we can better prepare the expert

  • If you wish to remain confidential, be thoughtful about the questions being asked to avoid being easily identifiable

  • Do not leverage these consultations for sales purposes

  • Do not probe for information that may be confidential to the expert, their organization, or their agreements with any particular vendor

Recommendations on Conversation Flow

Introduction: The most effective Sagetap conversations begin by asking the expert to introduce themselves: how long they have been in their current role? What are their roles & responsibilities? How are they leveraging [x] technology today?

This introduction can then lead into many areas. Below are a list of common questions to help plan for your next consultation:

Kicking-Off the Call

Each consultation will kick-off with a Sagetap representative introducing you. If confidentiality is requested, the Sagetap representative will introduce you as: “Our client conducting research on [x] technology”.

The conversation is then handed over to you to conduct however you would like.


What is Confidential Information? 

“Confidential Information” is any nonpublic information that one is not entitled to share. While an expert may have access to confidential information, this information should not be disclosed to others without consent from the information’s owner.  

How Do I Know if Information Is Confidential?

While only you know the specific information you are prohibited from discussing, Sagetap has adopted rules to help Experts avoid breaching any confidentiality obligations and potential conflicts of interest. We have put these rules in place to protect Experts and Clients alike. Under Sagetap’s rules – which are in addition to any obligations you owe to others – the following types of information must never be discussed.

1. Information that you agreed (orally or in writing) not to discuss or were told with an expectation that you keep it confidential.


2. Information about an experts current employer performance, plans or any other information their employer would not want them to discuss. They are not authorized to speak on behalf of their employer through Sagetap and must honor their obligations to their employer at all times.

3. Sensitive information about any company that has not been publicly disclosed or reported, such as:

  • revenues, profits, losses, and other financial information

  • earnings information or projections

  • mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, IPOs, or changes in assets

  • new product development and announcements

  • developments, including gain or loss, regarding significant customers or suppliers

  • changes in control or management

  • corporate strategy or plans

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